There are dozens of running games over the web, which people play, like and love eventually. Today hosts another running game, initially named as Run 1. This is the first and the most basic version of Run’s series. Although it doesn’t have too much advanced stuff it delivers quite awesome amount of satisfaction but remember that if you continuously keep failing in particular level it may get on your nerves. In spite of its difficulty, Run 1 is a very addictive game even if you regularly fail to succeed in it. If you love game types of adventure and running, this game will definitely satisfy your desire. Originally Run 1 is not intended for fun. It aims to improve your quickness in some aspects. You may think it’s impossible but that’s not right. What this game does to your brain is called visualization which is often used by gymnasts who are planning to perform some complicated tricks. When you run the game, keep your eye on the environment. That’s an obstacle itself, isn’t it? Even what you are running on is a great obstacle! No more and no less, when you are playing Run 1 you visualized what you are looking at: you are trying to flee those obstacles and survive, that’s the main idea of Run 1! You should visualize the environment in your mind and then move on! That requires a great deal of quickness. While doing so, you improve the dexterity of your brain and how fast your body reacts to the external feelings.

Review of Run 1

Basically Run 1 is another running game but it has distinguished itself for its uniqueness as it helps to boost agility of brain. Let’s materialize what we are talking about… Run 1 is generally written in flash, in SWF format which enables the players to play it through their own web browser such as Chrome, Opera etc… In addition it is small size which guarantees low bandwidth usage. Let’s move away from technical stuff. Run 1 comes with pretty beautiful GUI (graphical user interface). In general, graphical sector of Run 1 is what somewhat determined its success. In addition, it’s so simple to navigate in the game: with your mouse you can quickly jump through different sectors of the game. Settings part of this game is damn awesome! It enables you to switch among three graphical levels: low, medium and high. Also you can adjust FPS here which stands for Frame(s) per second: the higher, the faster the motion is. In addition there are two selectable checkboxes which allow you to choose fast or slow playing mode. If you don’t like the music you can turn it off with a simple click on Mute button. This fantastic bar also lets you set controls youself. Credits Programmed by Joeseph Cloutler Animation and art stuff by Alex Ostroff Song: download here There are two main modes in the game, adventure mode and infinite mode. In adventure, you have to pass levels which are recorded on your browser. That means when you get back to Run 1, you will be able to play the successfully finished levels without any trouble. Infinite mode is an easy one. You move infinitely through the map. Summary In a nutshell, Run 1 really came out to be a cool running game. With its incredible flexible interface, high quality graphics and player-friendly idea, Run 1 is an unbeatable running game in its range! If you like Run1, you can share it with your friends! Hope you enjoy this game! Other versions of Run are available here(2nd) and here(3rd).

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