Run 2

Run 2 is a logical continuation of Run 1 which has been the previous version of this awesome game. Despite Run 1, here you can find dozens of advanced features. There are refractive changes in this sequel, such as added characters with skate boards and much improved settings bar. Graphical improvements are also remarkable! In my stentorian tones, I am saying that Run 2 is #1 running game after Run 3.

It comes with all the crucial aspects that a modern online player requires: cross-platform, low size, well-editable interface. Now let’s explain each of these. Run 2 is a multi-platform game which means that you can play it through your own browser if you have flash player installed on it. Low size guarantees low bandwidth from user side. Well-editable interface and playing process is also remarkable. Settings bar gives the capability to edit the game almost entirely! For example you can adjust the quality of image from there quickly and easily. There you can also change the FPS. Motion of the game is also editable. If you don’t like the background music you can turn it off from the main menu.  There are two main characters you can choose from. One is normal and another one is with skate board, so this last one can move faster. When you hit one of these characters, the set of unlocked levels will pop up. Also a quick summary is available if you hover over the particular character. If you get stuck in a level don’t spend too much time on it. Just hit “Stuck!” button over there and you will be redirected to the walkthrough video link on Youtube. Hope you enjoy the game!

Run 2 Walkthrough

Run 2

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