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Run 3 is one of the most addicting endless running game. run 3 is 3rd and most famous version of this series. Basic idea of game is same as run 1 , 2 but the graphics are stunning & some advance feature make it more awesome. You just need to Run, skate, float, bounce, and/or jump as long as you can while avoiding from space tunnels! But if you fall down its not a big lose as there are many game safe points. Just Restart again from the last save point and finish more levels. its said there is no one who finish the game and complete all levels. So if you want to be the first one you need to try again and again until you achieve. Download PS3Roms or Play Checkers Board Game

 Run 4

Run 3 Unblocked

Run 3 Unblocked 66 version is also available. As you know this game is very famous among the school kids. We add run 3 not blocked version in this site for school users. Now you can play run 3 game at school, collage and any where you want. Lets start You Game and Enjoy a lot.

Run 3 Hacked

We Also ad hacked version for kids. In this version you can enjoy new mechanics, new characters and find many improvements to 1st and 2nd episode. Unblock all cute character by finishing levels and crack the mysteries of moving tunnel.lets start your adventure now but remember that the story is ongoing, so stay tuned for updates!  There is no deference in playing with old version. But if you not played them you don’t need to play old version to understand this game. The control is very simple. Use arrow key or WASD to control your character. Ludo Star War Wings

Run 3 Tips and Tricks

When running into another lane, that lane will turn into the floor.
You can pause/resume/restart, switch aliens and turn the music, sound on/off in the pause menu.

Run 3 Game Features

  • Endless Running game. Just run as long as you can.
  • The Graphics are awesome. Light Color combination with cute character.
  • Cool music that make you more relax.
  • Many awesome Aliens that can be achieved.
  • Game control is very easy even a little kid can play it easily.
  • Each character have some extra skills and abilities.
  1. Design and Programming by Joseph Cloutier
  2. Art and animation by ale ostroff and joseph cloutier
  3. Music by Jesse Valentine
  4. Additional levels by : mathwiz100, Portugal2000, Farkss, Karsh777, Max_blue_01, Precarious and Gecco
  5. Special Thanks to kongregate and other games site who make it famous.
How To Play Run 3
  • Left Arrow Key to Move Left
  • Right Arrow Key To Move right
  • Space bar to jump.
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