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Hello, my dear players, after waiting for more than a year Run 3 has released, causing so much stir among the buffs of running games. Run 3 is #1 running game over there. It now has much more necessary stuff and less those unneeded in-built add-ons which make no sense. So everything in this sequel is standardized and in sufficient dosage. In addition addictiveness of Run 3 is also remarkable. It draws the player into the process of successful playing or even repeated failure. Every stage in this game cam be overstepped at any difficulty level, so if you keep failing don’t worry about that. It’s just an omen which warns you that more practice is needed to go over that difficulty.
Let’s study this game in details. Run 3 comes with incredibly responsive and smooth graphical experience which guarantees player’s gratification. The features added to this sequel really make it an enjoyable game to play. This game is not only intended for fun but it also aims to improve quickness of your brain. In the game there are multiple ways to perform a task. That looks like a graphical mathematics where you have to choose the way and then make it happen using your quick fingers and rapid mind. While playing I suggest being object-oriented which basically means that you should focus on what you govern. That object is an alien in Run 3. You are in an empty space where you have to flee something, you are running from something and there you face dozens of obstacles such as maze-like running track where each wrong move may end up in a death. Run 3 also develops your memory in some aspects. For example, when fail in a particular level all over and over again, you automatically start to remember the map you fail and try to draw up a plan how you can successfully finish it. Of course that happens all in your mind, maybe subconsciously. Play Run 3 and develop the way you remember and how fast you react to external feelings. Skincraft Run 4 

Main modes and characteristics

Modes of Run 3 are: explore and infinite modes. While exploring you unlock maps which later are affected on the galaxy map. In this mode you also earn power cells and unlock characters. Each character has his inherent capabilities. Some jump high, some run faster, some have skateboard and so on.  The maps gradually become more and more difficult. In infinite mode the alien runs endlessly until a failure. In each session you earn points which later can be exchanged for other tools. There are some pyramids hovering in the space there. Those pyramids boost your points, so you I think you should try to get them at all costs. Each version of Run comes with certain characteristics which are briefly provided down below as a comparison chart: 


 Jonathan said: That game is an embodiment of awesomeness but sometimes it gets on my nerves when I keep failing in a single map. Now I am stuck at 51th level. But I personally think that this game is too hard. However, the more difficult, the more interesting!Ann said: I am a fan of Run games since the first part was released. That was a kind of basic but it was an inchoate. Now Run 3 really made my day. I have already reached 25th level in just one hour Justin said: Despite the Run 2 this one has more to boast. I didn’t like the former version But Run 3 is truly amazing! I love infinite mode! Sometimes, repeated failure drives me crazy 😀 Virginia said: Run 3 is a cool running game but it seems that developers made everything very difficult. I mean that some levels are too difficult to handle and there should be a choice to select between different difficulty levels See additional links: Update #1 (Halloween Update) Update #2 (Level Creator) Run 3 Cant complete a peculiar level? There’s nothing to worry about! See how to complete! [Extended to 50 levels]

Summary (Synopsis) of Run 3

I personally think that it would be good if we cut this summary short since we have already discussed Run 3 in details. Run 3 really came out a gorgeous running game and ate up the competition. It has distinguished itself for: fast and smooth performance, user-friendly interface and high quality content! Hope you enjoy this game! Ludo Star War Wings Video Gameplay

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