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Hello, I am administrator of Today is a big day, we are launching our Run games blog to which loads of useful tips and articles will be submitted. We are very glad that you are reading this post because our website is so fresh and so many favorable visitors keep us motivated to write more about this awesome flash game.
Today I am about to give you some very initial and rudimentary tips and other helpful information about Run 3. So lets get started!

  1. Sometimes the background music is very annoying! In order to turn it off you can either turn the volume down from your computer volume controller or use the settings bar like this:

So you are all done! Music will not annoy you anymore!

2. Cant complete any of the levels? There is nothing to worry about! We have a fresh nice category in which walkthroughs of any level will be posted free of charge! In order to visit that category click here.

3. Make correct usage of Galaxy Map. So what is it? How can we use it? Well, Galaxy Map is the map of the levels you have unlocked so far. Without using this cool feature you are leaving some fascinating maps still locked! Here is the example of it: level 16 is not just level 16, it is also a way to the winter games. When you unlock this level you are given some more additional levels in the Galaxy Map! Dont miss it! The same happens at level 34 so keep this in mind, so that you can get maximum satisfaction from Run 3.

4. Also dont forget the previous versions! They are cool! Run 3 is designed on the base of those games so forgetting them would be egoism. Many things improved in this version but other things might only be in those parts. Remember that each of Run games has its unique characteristics. Here they are:

5. Run 3 is a brain game. Did you know that? So now you know, that means you should regard Run 3 as serious game not a crappy one like Running Fred and so on. Heres how it works. The game aims improving mental concentration on objects and also dropping the reaction time to the minimal which will make you more alert. How is basically works is called visualization. You visualize things you see in your mind even without thinking about them then your mind tries to understand the way to survive, this way you pass the obstacles. I am not a psychiatrist so I am not gonna go in depths of this but I can honestly say that this game will improve responsiveness of your brain drastically!

6. There are two main modes in Run 3: Explore and Infinite. In explore mode you unlock new levels and in infinite you earn power cells which are basically money to buy stuff in the shop.

If you have any questions regarding our games please feel free to contact us through our contact form.

In the following posts we will be discussing each of the feature of Run games thoroughly.


Explore Mode, unlike infinite, is a way more interesting because there are dozens of paths you can choose from as you play. Paths are basically a bunch of deviated levels, for example Winter Games in which the maps look very much like winter. Even more paths can be unlocked while playing paths themselves. You can find all the paths and and levels visually in Galaxy Map (located in the main menu). That is a very simple visual map from where you can easily launch any level with a single click on the level point. You might think that one should spend days with computer to finish the entire game! The cool thing is that you dont have to be with computer for days to finish, Run 3 does everything to satisfy your needs, so it will automatically save your progress through the game play.

In explore mode you can have any character you want to if you have them unlocked for sure. No unlock more characters you need to play infinite mode. By playing it you earn power cells, which are actual coins for you to buy various stuff through the shop.

Tips for you which will come handy when playing Explore Mode:

  1. You unlock new characters, but that doesnt mean that you should choose the next unlocked character for further maps. Remember that each character has its own capabilities and characteristics. For example one has an ability to jump high, another one can skate much faster! So choose the character individually for particular levels.
  2. If you cant finish a specific level even after dozens of tries just close the game, that is the best outcome. Launch it later and you will be more productive. Sometimes you stick with the same strategy and thats why you cant finish various maps. Each requires its own specific game plan.

Play and have fun! More tips will be added later!

Run 3: Infinite Mode

Infinite mode in Run 3 is a brand-new coo feature which helps you earn power cells (Coins used in the shop for this particular game). With those power cells are are allowed to shop dozens of stuff in the shop. So, its all cleared up that infinite mode is a necessary weapon for you.

How to start Infinite Mode?

First you need to go to the official page of Run 3. Then you just choose the desired character and hit the mode button in the center of the game. Then here we go!

How to show the best results?

This is the question you are visiting this page, isnt it? So lets define what we have to deal with. As you launch the game, you see its almost the same as the explore mode, but not at all At the top-left side there are a counter which continuously counts the distance you traveled and the number of power cells displayed. Later this information is shown in the game-over window.
The way you earn power cells is easy. There are pyramids of various colors, floating in the space. You are going to grab those pyramids to earn coins! But each color means a specific amount of coins. Here is a list of coins for a particular color:
Green 1 or 3

Grey 1

Light Blue 2

Lilac 2

Brown 3

Then these coins are automatically added to the total number of power cells and ready for you to go shopping! Have a nice infinite mode!

What Happens At The End ?

This is an enigma for everyone who plays this game but hasn’t reached the end yet. But in this post I will reveal that secret with you. As I told you in the previous posts I am an enthusiastic player of Run 3 because I love this kind of games. With my plethora of enthusiasm and very strong nerves I reached the end of this game yesterday! OMG, that was an amazing feeling! Now I want RUN 4! but where is it?! I don’t know, nobody knows so lets keep talking about what we have 🙁 . Alright we stopped at finishing the game, right? Well, it was nerves consuming experience because there were levels which I failed more than 100 times. But when I was recalling about my unstoppable enthusiasm the feeling of failure used to go up in smoke. Now lets return to the game again.

As we said in the previous posts, in order to play levels and paths by order, you need to start explore mode, which provides you with more than one hundred levels and eight paths including the main one. Do you know how many levels are there in Run 3? GUESS, GUESS, GUESS, GUESS, GUESS, GUESS Okay if you cant guess I will tell you that the total number of levels are 127. Here is the list of paths and levels in them:

Main path: 65

Winter games: 20

Level W: 3

Level M: 5

Level B: 13

Level A: 9

Level A: 5

Level T: 7

65+20+3+5+13+9+5+7= 127

At the end of some paths there is emptiness. And you heard it! There is nothing in some paths which means that you should keep searching the way to your home in the path! But in previous paragraphs I said that Id finished Run 3 Is there a way which leads us home? I leave this question as an enigma for you. Play and find out yourself And dont give on levels which you fail multiple times, try a different character!

New Halloween Update for Run 3

Hello my dear readers. Today we are happy to announce that there is a Halloween update for our flagship game Run 3. The update actually touched upon character costumes and maps. Now, under the character selection bar you will see a box with which you can enable or disable Halloween costumes. In addition there is a remarkable improvement in characters itself. There is one added persona in the list which is actually an ordinary character but with a balloon which adds extra power to it. With the help of the balloon you can stay up in the space (while jumping) longer than ever!
Updating Run 3, developers decided that it would be awesome if they also added some more maps. Thinking that way they came up with an idea of creating exclusive challenge for Halloween. They did so and now you can already play it free of charge on our main website In this challenge will be your enigma because there will be not only ordinary tasks to overcome but also very new features added. Check it out yourself! I let it be a surprise!

A New Feature Added To Our Third Generation Of Run

Hello my dear players, today I am going to inform you about the brand-new feature which was added to Run 3. Thats literally a level creator (the name says everything itself) which helps you to create new levels, save them and play when you make it the the end. The initial state of the environment of level creator is as it follows:

To the left and right you see navigator arrows which aid you in moving the view from right to left and vice versa. at the top and bottom you see arrows of the same property but with functions to change the view from upper to lower and vice versa.
We also see magnifier which is feature to help you see the space tube closer. You can undo the process by the opposite feature which is located at the bottom-right side.
The relief of the tube is very specific and the layers of it are ready for you at the top of the window. When you are done with the game go ahead and hit Playtest Options and you begin your test map!

Run 3 Walkthrough [FULL]

Watch full Walktrhough of run 3 and enjoy a lot.

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