Running Games

Run 4

Play Run 4 Game at Run 4 is one of the latest and most addicting version of this series. The main theme of game is same only some new feature are added. You just need to run as far as you can without falling down from tunnel. Avoid from hurdles and over come the […]

Run 3 Blog

Hello, I am administrator of Today is a big day, we are launching our Run games blog to which loads of useful tips and articles will be submitted. We are very glad that you are reading this post because our website is so fresh and so many favorable visitors keep us motivated to write […]

Run 2

Run 2 is a logical continuation of Run 1 which has been the previous version of this awesome game. Despite Run 1, here you can find dozens of advanced features. There are refractive changes in this sequel, such as added characters with skate boards and much improved settings bar. Graphical improvements are also remarkable! In my stentorian […]


There are dozens of running games over the web, which people play, like and love eventually. Today hosts another running game, initially named as Run 1. This is the first and the most basic version of Run’s series. Although it doesn’t have too much advanced stuff it delivers quite awesome amount of satisfaction but […]

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